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About Us

Authentic "La Milagrosa" Cream is a product created in Mexico, now located in the United States to offer higher quality and service. With our improved handmade formula, we strive to make this product one of the most recognized for its effectiveness in skin care.

All the products of "La Milagrosa" are made with organic and natural ingredients. Formulated to help moisturize, clean, firm, nourish and beautify the skin. Packaged and labeled manually with the same care.

Remedios caseros

Our cream is a registered trademark, It is handmade in the USA and all of our products have been labeled with an authenticity hologram on top, a QR code and a bar code on the front label as well as an expiration date on the bottom to give our customers greater reliability to avoid piracy.

This product is no longer distributed in Mexico. Its sale is exclusive in the United States and Canada!

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